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  • Part of the camelid family.
  • Small and easy to care for.
  • Can be transported in mini vans, SUV’s, enclosed trucks and horse trailers.
  • Do not bite.
  • Feet are padded like dogs, so they do little damage to their pasture.
  • Have three stomachs and therefore process their food very efficiently.
  • Eat primarily grass, but hay and some grain should be added.
  • Require fencing for protection.
  • Do not challenge fences.
  • Require little acreage, 5 to 8 alpacas per acre.
  • Can live in pretty much any climate, but should be sheared in the summer.
  • Like a camel, alpacas can go without water for a while, but they should have clean, fresh water.
  • They usually pick one or two spots for doing their “business,” which makes for easy clean up.
  • Their “business” does not need to be composted, it is ready for use.
  • Considered quite disease resistant, therefore not a lot of medical bills, and insurance is lower.
  • They prefer not to be touched around their face, just like us.
  • Fiber is beautiful and comes in many different colors.
  • Are beautiful and curious animals.
  • Fleece can be made into beautiful sweaters, blankets, hats, scarfs, cria coats and just about whatever you can imagine.